Other Crafts



The latest cards I have made using the Book-a-trix board.

Both are for new babies, boy and girl



In 1998 I took up the Challenge in Mew Stitches magazine

to design and make a Ornament for the Queen's Christmas tree.

Afterwards the ornament were sold of to aid a children's charity.

Mine sold for 50 sterling.

One side had a Santa juggling presents, the other a candle.

I have marked mine with a white arrow. The second picture is not good.

They were done in cross stitch with gold tassels on the bottom.



I have recently just finished a digital imaging for pleasure course.

I found it really exciting and I produced some pictures which I thought would make an unusual wall hanging.

The first is a picture of a poppy that I had in my garden. I applied a texture to it and printed it on cotton in my printer.

The second I printed on silk and it is a violet with another texture applied.

The next one is of a sunflower I imposed on a sea and cliff picture. I then textured the sunflower.

The last one is of a branch of lilac that I imposed on a river scene and textured the whole of the picture.

The last two are just printed on paper.



My First large quilt



My machine extension table that my husband is in the process of making.


Here is my first effort at quilting. It is a pillow sham but could double as a cot quilt.



One of my first tea bag folding cards

This is a coat that I made. I spun the wool  two singles plied together using random carded merino as one strand and  alpaca for the other strand.

They were plied together. I designed the jacket as I went along.  When I went on the knitting workshop with Kaffe Fassett he touched the sleeve and said it was marvellous. He gave it a value of 800. I have been followed by ladies trying to get a closer look when I am wearing it.

Pictures of my workroom

The two cakes I made for my Granddaughters graduation



This is the sample of knitting I did at a Kaffe Fassett workshop

Here is some examples of stitching cards I have done. Not my designs but from books and websites.

Some are with threads and some with beads and parchment craft.

Click on card to enlarge.