My golden wedding necklace





Necklaces made with wire and beads. They are crocheted from a design in a book

by Kate Pullen called Wire jewellery.


This one is supposed to be a bracelet made from a design in Bead and Button.

I thought it too firm so I added a chain and made a necklace of it


This was made from a bag of bead which I had in my stash.



Jewellery that I made to wear at Granddaughter's wedding.

The bracelet is made from the design in Bead and Button.

Made with silver lined gold seed beads and S you know who crystals


Cube bracelet out of Bead and Button

Two watches that I made the bands for



These are the type of clasps I am looking for in gold coloured.


Here is my first effort at the coraling technique.

It is called Pearl Splash

Another knitted item, this time a pendant in gold plated wire and amethyst chip beads

This is a bracelet knitting with silver plated wire threaded with beads.



  This is a candle holder that I beaded and filled with Pot Pourri




This is the fall tassel I made and was rejected as too dear.

Another view of my tassel.

I finally finished my blue necklace that I asked advice for ways of doing the ends.



This is the bracelet I made using the pattern in the latest Bead and Button magazine


I forgot to put the scissors on the tray.


I am having to learn Chinese knotting so I can show the ladies at the Monday night craft club

The first I used one of the shell pendants that Harry sent me.

The second I used the pendant that Patti Whiteley sent me for my 70th birthday.

The third I used the "Bolsover Castle" beads that Mike of Tillerman fame made for me.

These are my first attempts at Chinese Knotting

Another Chinese knotting attempt, this one is the snake knot.

Using one of Harry's shells as a pendant and variegated rattail thread

These are my interpretations of the beads of the front cover of Bead and Button issue 74.

I had not got any felt so I asked my husband to make me some wooden ones.

The tree of life pendant. It is my interpretation of  design from the Bead Stidio

using Jerri's idea for the hanger.

I have called it Apple blossom time

This is another now the apples have ripened.

The Apple Tree